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"Worrying what the user is anxious, thinking what the customer wanting", it is Chunhua company's persistent purpose. As one of the biggest special turbocharger repairing companies, through almost ten years of hard and persist striving, Chunhua company gained trust of most users and have a plenty of long term stable customers on diesel power plant and marine company. In the meantime, Chunhua company warmly welcome new customers. It is our biggest honour if we can give you one hand!

If you have any question or consultation on turbocharger operation, problem, repairing , matching, retrofitting, spare parts, please feel free to contact with us by phone, fax or e-mail.
Chunhua Turbocharger Services Ltd.;
No.15,Four hectares of industrial area,Miaotou Huangpu district,Guangzhou
TEL:+86  13602750755 FAX:+86 20 82050616                          

About us


Chunhua Turbocharger Services Ltd. was set up in

August 1994, approved by Guangzhou Industrial &

Commercial Administration Bureau, which is one

limited company specially majored in all kinds of gas

turbochargers consulting, designing & retrofitting,

epairing & maintaining, and spare parts supplying


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Chunhua Turbocharger Services Ltd.
101, No.12, Jingquan 3rd Road, Yonghe Street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou,China

FAX:+86 20 82050616               
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