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Chunhua company can offer twenty-four hours one day on site service for turbochargers installed on power plant engines, marine main engines, ship main engines, ship auxiliary engines, factory generating engines.
Turbocharger normal site overhauling including:
Fully dismantling turbocharger in the OEM recommended order: removing air casings, drawing rotor complete, taking out nozzle ring/shroud ring;
During dismantling, measuring the key clearances or dimensions;
Inspecting parts condition of the removed bearings, compressor wheels, turbine blades, etc. Listing the parts to be renewed;
Cleaning casings, rotor complete, nozzle ring/shroud ring and other open turbocharger parts;
Exchanging the worn parts, reassembling the turbocharger in the reverse order to dismantling, measuring the key clearances or dimensions;
Arranging tools and working site, starting the engine, checking the related operating data of the engine and turbocharger, ensure in normal serviceable condition;
Submitting turbocharger service report, reporting repair circumstances, signing acknowledging paper.
In the past ten years, Chunhua company has repaired over five thousand units/times different types/sizes turbochargers at site of foreign brands, such as ABB, MAN, NAPIER, MITSUBISHI, SCHWIZER, also other domestic products, for the customers of diesel power plants and foreign/domestic ship companies, gained customers high evaluation.
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