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Chunhua company has one 500 square meters area repair workshop, it is divided into waiting, cleaning, repairing, machining and dispatching scopes. There are shaft soaking tanks, high pressure water cleaning gun, sand blasting machines in the washing scope; two different size lathes, two drilling machines and one 5 ton crane in machining scope, and different turbochargers special dismantling/reassembling tools, together with other general usage equipment, such as burners, welding machine, in repair area.
Workshop repairing items of Chunhua company as following:
Checking & measuring worn condition of turbocharger shaft, turbine blades, compressor wheel, nozzle ring and so on parts;
Replacing shaft turbine blades, compressor wheel, inducer wheel, partition wall assembly, rotor shaft sleeves;
Reinstalling the turbine sealing strips of the shaft;
Reinstalling the sealing strips of the partition wall, welding the partition wall cover plate;
Rebushing the sealing bush installing seat of air/gas inlet casing;
Dismantling the whole turbocharger, exchanging parts and reassembling.
All above repairing item are fully accorded to OEM's operation manual/permissive clearance.
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