Rotor Complete Dynamic Balancing

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After the turbocharger has been running for one period of time, there is uneven dirt or carbon deposit on the compressor wheel and turbine blades, and the blades itself also have little, uneven wear or material missing caused by different reasons, all these can lead to produce great unbalanced force on the rotor complete during running, if not doing dynamic balance correction on the rotor in time, will consequentially bring serious wear to the bearings and oil pumps, reduce the service life of the bearings and oil pumps, accelerate the vibration of the turbocharger.
There are two different size SCHENCK balancing machines in the workshop of Chunhua company, can do dynamic balance on all kinds of rotor completes. In the meantime, Chunhua company also supply dynamic balancing service on other shafts of motor, blower and crankshafts of diesel engines.
The turbocharger dynamic balancing procedure including:
Thoroughly cleaning the rotor complete;
Putting on the balancing machine, check the unbalance value of the rotor complete before correction;
According to the related standard, eliminate the unbalance value to the prescribed tolerance ranges;
Removing from the balancing machine, reassemble the rotor complete, paint anti rust material on the surface of the naked parts;
Issuing balancing certificate of the rotor complete.
Every year, strictly according to the ISO 9002 quality system procedure, the original manufacturer of the balancing machine is invited by Chunhua company to do specified inspection, calibration on their two balancing machines.
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