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Many kinds of special, high technology repairs could be completed in the ferrous plating workshop of Chunhua company, such as the worn point restoring of the journal seat, oil pump spigot and other installing seats of the rotor shaft. The formulation of chemicals used in plating, ferrous plating process, structure design and so on are all belong to Chunhua company introduced patents. It features high material bonding strength, good plating layers machinability, wide plating ranges. It reaches the highest domestic similar process standard.
The ferrous plating procedure including:
Thoroughly cleaning the repairing parts, checking and measuring the worn places;
According to the wear condition, defining the restore plan(chemicals formulation, plating time, machining way, etc.);
Applying protection measures on the other non-plating part, immersing into the plating pool, switching on power to reset time;
Fetching the plated part, inspecting the plating quality and thickness; after conforming to the requirement, putting on lathe to machine, till reaching within the tolerance range.
Comparing with other metal hot, cold spraying, ferrous plating has following virtues: reliable quality, low labour intensity, high efficiency, saving time, less repair cost. Besides lot of successful turbocharger shafts plating restore, Chunhua company has still finished many similar repairing jobs for other equipment in shipyards.
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