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After ships been sailing for years, can do proper changes on the ship main engine
(including turbocharger new matching, retrofitting), so as to improve the powerful and economical performances of the main engine, or reform the whole ship.
Chunhua company can supply turbocharger retrofitting service for ship main engine or diesel generating engine, including diesel engine matching, type choosing, designing and installation, one set of procedure. During 2000 to 2001, Chunhua company successfully completed main engine turbochargers retrofitting (changing from old Russian turbochargers to ABB VTR ones) of three "Red Flag" series vessels, which belonged to old Guangzhou Shipping Bureau, while carrying out reformation project from cargo to container. These ship main engines are operating in good condition.
Besides above, Chunhua company also gained excellent effect in Guangzhou Waterway Bureau dredging engineering vessels' main engine turbochargers retrofitting. All finished retrofitting projects got high appraisal from both ship owner and people in the same business area. 
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